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Event's and exhibitions have become a large part of the WMBC calendar, with more and more being added. WMBC excited to promote the hobby and their members modelling prowess.  The enthusiasm and passion of WMBC has resulted in our invitation to many events across the country.  The standard of our display and enthusiasm being recognised as an asset to any event.  

When WMBC put on a display it is one to remember, at our 2018 open day we boasted 107 model boats on display all from one club!, Then at our 2019 Open Day we SMASH that figure with 124!  Not many clubs could achieve this.  


Our efforts have been recognized on an International level.

* 2018 International Model Boat Show (on our first appearance).  Fourth prize overall 

* 2019 we eclipsed this by scooping the 1st prize overall at the International Model Boat Show 2019, (on only our second appearance). 


WMBC Setting standards in exhibition quality and innovation


If you hold an event and would like us to attend drop us a line at:


The events Diary for 2021:

Events 2021

Due to the covid-19 pandemic plans for the 2021 season are unclear, we will hopefully update the 2021 Events Calendar. 

Don't forget we at WMBC sail every week, 52 weeks of the year so every week we hold an event!

If you hold an event and would like us to attend drop us a line at:

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